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How to store the cubes?

You can pile them up and create a colourful designer decoration by your wall. If you want to ovoid an impression of a storage room, just build the bed or some other parts of furniture from them and make the cubes look just like part of your room design. They should be stored at a dry place.

How about the maintenance?

The cover can be taken off and washed in the washing machine (30° C). The pockets can be washed as they are. Smaller dirt can be washed with a wet sponge.

How to use the cubes for games and activities - are there any instructions or tips?

Together with the Soft Cubes set you also receive the instructions and tips for use (Games and activities with Soft Cubes - Tips and Instructions) You can as well find it online here:

Are there any official certificates proving that all the toys and articles from your production meet the standards of suitability for children and there need to be no concerns regarding health, allergies etc.?

Yes, we have certificates proving this -you can see them here .The product have been handmade in the Czech Republic, the materials used for them have been produced by certified Czech suppliers. All the Toys, Funny Pockets, Pads and the Cubes (The Soft Cubes Building set) meet norm ČSN EN 71-1 (on the toy safety).

How can one obtain the toys from your production?

All the Toys, Funny Pockets and Pads from our offer can be ordered through e-shop here : or by email: :

How can we use the Soft Cubes in the children´s room?

Building fences or colourful walls or piles for crawling or toddling babies, or walking when older : . Children up to 3 years can build raceways, playhouses, bunkers and so on. See as well as play games Older children who play less can use the building set as a sofa, armchair or a bed, even a bookcase or other designer elements of the room. The set "grows with the child" as a versatile element of the interior throughout the whole childhood.

What is the opinion of architects, designers and other experts?

The clear and bright colours and the shape enable many variations - building objects from them invigorates the creativity in a child. Building objects from the cubes engages the child´s imagination and interest in the space around them and its solution. All that widens their horizons and develops important skills in them, such as ordering the material, position of holes in the buiding etc.

What are some of the psychological effects?

Soft shapes have calming effect, the colours are bright and optimistic, they stimulate the good mood.

What is the didactical purpose of the cubes and mats?

The cubes can be used for learning and recognizing the numbers, letters, colours, they can be used for playing theatre pieces inspiring creativity, cooperation ad presentation skills. More at While playing the games with cubes (such as Labyrint, Shops etc.) children practice their social impersonal and communication skills.

Why are the cubes so colourful?

The colours have didactical purpose - you can build warm or cool shade variations and teach children recognize and experience different colour schemes. Is there a reason for this number of cubes in a set? Yes, it is meant to enable building as many objects as possible.
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