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Foam Rubber Building Sets - Soft Cubes I.

Soft cubes made from foam rubber, covered with two kinds of smooth elastic cloth (one is a velvety terry-cloth and the other one smoothened cloth, equipped with Velcro for fixing the parts together. The cubes can be used for building and rebuilding various objects, pieces of furniture, demarking the space for playing, The size of the basic cube is 25x25x25cm. The large set consists of 4 basic cubes and 8 oblong ones (25x25x100cm.) The small set consists of 2 cubes 25x25x100cm large, 2 cubes 25x25x75cm large, 2 cubes 25x25x50cm large and 2 cubes 25x25x25cm large. The part of a set is a cloth mat - you can choose a smaller one 150x150 cm or a larger one 200x200cm according to your needs. Based on the size of the mat various objects can be built from the cubes, that are designed the way that suits the needs of children of various ages. The bright, optimistic colors have positive influence on the mood and inspire the child´s recognition of colors and shades - the big cube is partly designed in cool shades, partly in warm shades, so that it can be used as a didactical toy. By changing the cold and warm shades children can create different environments in different "moods". Find more inspiration and create your own style of using the Soft Cubes in order to invigorate children´s imagination on Games with Cubes and Building from cubes.pages.

Materials Used

All the materials used are carefully chosen with regard to suitability and children´s healh. They are perfectly suitable for children up to 3 years. All the products have been handmade in the Czech Republic, the materials used for them have been produced by certified Czech suppliers. The Cubes (The Soft Cubes Building set) meet norm ČSN EN 71-1 (on the toy safety). The cubes are made of velvet terry-cloth (85% cotton), polyester (15% polyester ) and glazed polyamide (100% polyamide), filled with foam rubber.

Small Pocket - Velcro storage

Small Pocket with Velcro is a component of both small and big set of Soft Cubes I. The size of the pocket shaped as a frog is 30 x 30cm . The purpose is storing the Velcro needed for building and rebuilding objects from the cubes. It opens in the smiling mouth of the frog and can be stuck with Velcro on the mat or on one of the cubes.


Funny Pockets are fitted with Velcro on the reverse side so they can be stuck to the foam rubber cubes or to a mat. Mat Beside the Bed They also have a loop so they can be hung on the wall . Size: 67cm long, the smaller ones :40cm long.
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