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měkké kostky skládání- obchody

Possible Arrangements of Soft Cubes I., II., III -
big set

Soft cubes we offer in tree sort

Soft cubes I. - for childerns room (velvet terry-cloth 85% cotton, polyester 15% polyester and polyamide cloth, that enables connecting the cubes and building objects, pieces of furniture, raceways and so on. You can also use the Velcro to connect the cubes.)
Soft cubes II. - for nursery school( serge 100% cotton and glazed polyamid 100% polyamid, there is a special sticky polyamide cloth sewed into the large corners that enables connecting the cubes and building objects, pieces of furniture, raceways and so on. You can also use the Velcro to connect the corners of the cubes.)
Soft cubes III. -for nursery and public playing ground ( material 100% polyester, there is a special sticky polyamide cloth sewed into the large corners that enables connecting the cubes and building objects, pieces of furniture, raceways and so on. You can also use the Velcro to connect the corners of the cubes.)

Games and activities with Soft Cubes - Tips and Instructions

Some of the suggested games/activities (of course you can come up with many more):

1. Shops

Build two little shops from the cubes (e.g. one can be build in cool shades and the other one in warm ones) and display the articles on the counter of each of them. Children come to buy the goods and learn communication in common social situations. měkké kostky skládání- obchody, nákres

házení kostkou

2. Target

2- 4 children stand in the corners, each of them has one cube, at the order all of them throw their cube to the middle - target. The one who reaches closest has a point. Count the points. The players practice concentration, counting, communication.

házení kostkou, nákres

faraon z kostek

3. Ressurection of the Pharaoh

One child lays on the ground, others build a sarcophagus around him in a pyramid shape from the cubes. The children step back then and call the Pharaoh to "rise from the grave" They can take turns in playing the Pharaoh. The activity gives children a chance to get to know about the history and imagine living in the past cultures.

faraon z měkkých kostek

měkké kostky- hry

4. Underpick

Aim of the play is underpick all the building made from soft cubes.

měkké kostky- hry


5. Skittles

Put the oblong cubes on the mat as the skittles, throw the small cube to knock them down, count the points (fallen skittles or how many throws needed to throw them all). Repeat. Children practise movement coordination, counting and comparing numbers and the memory.

kuželky s měkkými kostkami

divadlo složené z měkkých kostek

6. Theatre

Build a stage for playing theatre. A grown-up can read from a book and children play a story in a "theatre" . The size of the stage can be adapted to the age and size of the actors. You can also involve the toys - Characters and Reversible Toys - as the puppets. In the picture children play a story about a dog and a cat, the narrator is a frog. Little actors practice their creativity and imagination as well as presentation, communication with voice and body, acting.

divadlo složené z měkkých kostek

Překážková - opičí dráha

7. Monkey raceway

PBuild a raceway with tasks and barriers to enable children´s physical activity - they can compete who runs through the raceway faster. There can also be little tasks for the racers to do on each stop. Children practice movement coordination.

Překážková - opičí dráha

Kopací mini golf z měkkých kostek

8. Kicking minigolf

Make a fence from the cubes and leave a gap. The goal is to move the small ball by kicking to the gap. The player who needs least touches to deliver the ball wins. The game improves the prowess, craft, concentration.

mini golf z měkkých kostek- nákres

hra na babu

9. Blind

ZDemark a space with cubes - a corridor or a labyrinth and a player´s task is to pass through it with covered eyes while the other player navigates by oral orders. The game is didactical - children can practice communication, formulating navigation orders and reacting to them, take care of someone.

hra na babu nákres

skládání čísel z kostek

10. Numbers and Letters

By forming letters or numbers children can prepare themselves for learning these at school. It helps practice recognition of the letters and numbers as well as basic adding and taking away numbers.

skládání čísel z kostek

přeskakovací sluníčko

11. Jumping across the Sun

Use the mat to represent the sun and the cubes the beams and have children running around and jump over the beams. They can also push up the cubes and put them back a and practice that way their psychomotor skills.

skládání čísel z kostek


12. Animals

Just use your imagination and create different animals from the cubes- a turtle, an elephant, a giraffe.

skládání čísel z kostek

Buildings from soft cubes

ohrádka pro malé děti na lezení

1. Fences for Toddlers

The babies from an early age can crawl or toddle in the space determined by the fence made of the Soft Cubes. Mummy can watch her baby playing safely.

ohrádka pro malé děti na lezení, nákres 1ohrádka pro malé děti na lezení, nákres 2ohrádka pro malé děti na lezení, nákres 3ohrádka pro malé děti na lezení, nákres 4

ohrádka pro malé děti na chození

2. Fences for Walking

When the baby learns to walk the building set can be used as a fence protecting the little walker that he/she can lean against when walking. The fence is high enough (50 cm), soft and safe.

kostkyohrádka pro malé děti na chození, nákres 1ohrádka pro malé děti na chození, nákres 2ohrádka pro malé děti na chození, nákres 3

ohrádka z měkkých kostek na hraní

3. Fences demarking the Space for Playing - Combination with the Mat

The cubes can be also used to demark the space for playing in combination with the ground mat and other toys. That way some Slot Racing Mat, war ramparts etc.

ohrádka z měkkých kostek na hraní, nákres 1ohrádka z měkkých kostek na hraní, nákres 2ohrádka z měkkých kostek na hraní, nákres 3ohrádka z měkkých kostek na hraní, nákres 4

hrad z měkkých kostek

4. Climbing frames

Try various arrangements suitable for going/crowling through , that can be built from the cubes. It is only up to your imagination and creativity.

prolízačky, nákres 1prolízačky, nákres 2prolízačky, nákres 3prolízačky, nákres 4

domeček z měkkých kostek

5. Playhouses

Pre-school and elementary school kids often like to create and demark a space of their own and arrange it in a way they like. The possible variations include individual playhouses, fixed with Velcro or simple piled up by the wall or in the corner of the room.

domeček z měkkých kostekdomeček z měkkých kostek, nákres1domeček z měkkých kostek, nákres 2domeček z měkkých kostek, nákres 3



Building set enables building various pieces of furniture to older children. These can, fixed with Velcro, become a fully functional part of the furniture equipment of their room with a unique design. The big advantage is its flexibility - it can be anytime changed to a different piece of furniture according to the actual need.


The cubes fixed with Velcro make a comfortable sofa as well as a bed for guests who stay the night.

pohovka 2, nákrespostel, nákrespohovka nákres

křeslo z měkkých kostek

2. Armchair

Bright, colourful designer armchair suitable for relaxation, can be made from the cubes easily. Use the Velcro to fix safely.

křeslo z měkkých kostek, nákres 1křeslo z měkkých kostek, nákres 2

knihovna z měkkých kostek

3. Bookcase

Simply by piling up the cubes and fixing them with Velcro a small, fully functional bookcase can be made.

knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 1knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 2knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 3knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 4knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 5knihovna z měkkých kostek, nákres 6

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