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Toy - Tojatoy

Tojatoy – unique toys from original designs created by visual artist Petra Fekarova. The artist strives to create unique designs for toys and other objects for children that do not simply follow fashion trends and help the child´s personality development.

Funny Pockets

Another item from Petra´s studio are Funny Pockets . of various sizes designed to brighten up the interior of children´s rooms. You can stick them with Velcro to a pad behind the bed.The pockets shaped as animals open with a smiling mouth, the flower shapes in the midst. Funny pockets can be used for storing toys and other objects and are easy to rearrange or move to other parts of the room as you need. The bigger ones close with a zipper.

Colourful Pads

The system of pads for children to play on that can be combined with a system of building set made of large colourful - foam-rubber filled cubes. The pads protect playing children from the cold floor or from the wall beside/aside their bed. The wall side pads can be usefull as Funny Pocket holders. The floor pads can also be used for games e.g. Slot racing or Dartboard.

Soft Cubes -Foam Rubber Building Set

The building set is designed to variably animate the interior and offer a wide range of games and activities that improve the perception of shapes and colours and inspire the child´s imagination. The cubes can be built and rebuilt inviting children to create variety of objects such as pieces of furniture (an armchair, a bed, a bookcase). Bright colours become a design element in a children's room, markedly fleshing out its composition. The wide range of potential variations make the building set suitable for kindergartens.

Reversible Toys

The characters made of fine terry –cloth come in several categories. Some of them are reversible animal characters - that are logically linked – they are either pairs of natural enemies such as cat –mouse, or wolf – sheep; or development stages such as chicken – hen. These can be used for showing the natural principles. Another category includes reversible commonly known fairy-tail characters – those can be used to play a story/fairy tail. Pets– Reversible toys have gradually developed into singular characters- pets and “animated” pillows that the child won´t give away.

Soft Cubes- video

See examples of use of soft cubes and toys in Czech TV:
Bydlení je hra 22.2.2008

Kultura v regionech 30.8.2008
Bydlení je hra 14.11.2008
Bydlení je hra 21.11.2008
Náš venkov 18.7.2009

Materials Used

All the materials used for Petra´s designs are carefully chosen with regard to suitability and children´s healh. They are perfectly suitable for children up to 3 years. All the products have been handmade in the Czech Republic, the materials used for them have been produced by certified Czech suppliers. All the Toys, Funny Pockets, Pads and the Cubes (The Soft Cubes Building set) meet norm ČSN EN 71-1 (on the toy safety). The toys are made of velvet terry-cloth (85% cotton), polyester (15% polyester ) serge (100% cotton)and glazed polyamid (100% polyamid), filled with polyester filling and foam rubber (Cubes, Funny Pockets and Pads).


Toys, Funy Pockets, Pads and may be washed in washing machine (30°C). The cubes are equipped with zipper so the foam filling can be taken out and the covers washed in the washing machine. The Pockets and Toys can be washed as they are.

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